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I am a Native Texan who was raised in a ranching and farm owning family. I love to put on my boots and jeans and show and sell Texas land. Whether you are buying or selling, let me know if I may help you. Whether a few acre homestead or a few 1000 acre spread, I love Texas land. Let me help you buy or sell a Texas Ranch or Farm. Being an EcoBroker or GREEN REALTOR, I also have a big interest in organic farming and ranch management. I recently sold a ranch in Brownwood, Texas – an area known for great hunting. I had 2 contracts on it and had it sold in record time because of my knowledge of ranches combined with cutting edge internet marketing techniques. A local agent had had it for a year without any offers. So let me get your farm or ranch SOLD! Wanting to buy a small ranchette? Let me help you pick one with Tax Savings! I know the different Tax Saving Strategies available for Texas land.

Let me share a bit about my background in farm and ranch. We had a 1000 + or – acres near Seguin Texas in the Sand Hills known as The Raetzsch Ranch. Digging for worms and fishing with a cane pole or swimming in the many stock tanks were some of my childhood pastimes. We raised a small herd of white faced Herefords and a few Santa Gertrudis. There was also a lot of white tail deer hunting every year. Sometimes other animals were hunted such as wild hogs, coons and bull frogs. My love was riding horses and just being ion nature. Here I am as a little girl, Betty Raetzsch, on Black Pete our horse at our Raetzsch Ranch. This is one of my favorite photos!

Betty raetzsch

Black Pete, the horse pictured above, was my favorite mount growing up. I don’t know exactly what age I started riding but it was young as you can see from my photo above. I seemed to have a way with horses and other animals. Many other family members said Black Pete would try to scrape them off on a tree branch but he never did that to me. One of my favorite times was rounding up the cattle. I remember rounding them up for treatment in the screwworm epidemic in the 1970’s. Some poor cattle did not make it in for treatment but died of the stress of being herded. Since then, screwworms have been virtually eradicated by the introduction of sterile male flies. We also had a farm in Seguin off 123 on Cordova road. We grew mainly sorghum (maize or feed grain), wheat and sometimes corn. My late husband was a several generation Texas farmer and rancher who grew corn, wheat, feed grain and cotton on 1000’s of acres. We had a large flock of free range chickens, Nubian milk goats, ponies for the kids, horses and other animals out on the farm. I also raised and showed purebred horses for a while, traveling all over Texas finding the right mares and studs to breed to. Yes, those were the good ‘ole days!

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