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ADA Features Homes – Austin TX Area

Accessible Homes in the Austin Texas Area

I love helping people and have successfully helped mobility challenged buyers find a home to buy that is suitable for wheelchair or other mobility device use. I am an SRES® or Seniors Real Estate Specialist®. I like to help people who may have now or anticipate mobility issues in the future. It is a challenge helping people with special needs find an accommodating home. Here is a home for sale now with ADA Features. I can help you find other homes with ADA or “Aging in Place” features. No carpet in a home facilitates easier use of walker or wheelchair. Level access showers in bathrooms are easily accessible for wheelchairs or people with little mobility and ease of movement. Showers that have showerheads that are adjustable up and down for use while sitting are great. Stainless or other handhold safety rails in showers are a good feature. Door handles to outside that are a lever facilitate easy opening even with your elbow. “Aging in place” or forever homes are a popular concept today, especially among baby boomers. A home built with ADA features can accommodate aging baby boomers all the way through the aging process. Features that help make it easy to raise a baby, have children, or move furniture in the home can also make it easy as we age. Wide doorways, ramps; easy access, roll inable large showers– all make it possible to live “easy” now AND in the future. For example- 1. An easy Access, step-free entrance into the central living area of the home from a driveway, garage, sidewalk or breezeway. Today: this provides convenient, safe entry even when your arms are full of shopping bags or small children. Tomorrow: this provides for easy entry for family and friends who rely on crutches, walkers or wheelchairs for mobility. Easy Passage means ample room to pass through doorways. For today you  can travel freely around the home even when carrying bulky items such as laundry baskets. Tomorrow, if you become incapacitated, you have complete access to all the necessary living spaces without narrow spaces or stairs. Ease of Use – A home with the bedroom(s), kitchen, entertainment areas and at least a full bathroom with maneuvering space for a wheelchair and accessible via an entry ramp. Today: all on one level, no trips up and down stairs. Tomorrow: Relatives or friends with mobility issues can still visit. As one ages, a 1 story with accessible bathroom makes it possible to remain independantly at home much longer (or forever) should a condition develop.

Retirement Homes in Austin TX

Along with accessible or “Aging in Place” features, other helpful items on a retirees shopping list may be low taxes and low utility bills E-mail me now for an Austin Area Tax Rate Chart to help guide you to the lowest taxed properties. Another area to consider are Tax Exemptions already in place such as an Ag Exemption, Wildlife Exemption or Conservation Easement. As an EcoBroker® or GREEN REALTOR® I can also help you find an Energy Efficient home that conserves water so your electricity, gas and water bills will be low.

Sell Your Accessible Home Now!

I am experienced in selling accessible homes. I understand the needs of accessible home buyers and sellers. Call Betty Saenz SRES® EcoBroker® at (512) 785-5050 to help you find an Accessible home, a home built for Aging in Place or Universal Design

Austin TX ADA Public Transportation

Per Capital Metro, all Capital Metro buses kneel down for accessibility to accomodate the handicapped. The new Capital MetroRail is also ADA compliant with wheelchair areas on the train cars and a level, roll-on platform at all of the stations.

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