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Luxury Homes In Austin

Luxury Homes in Austin – Central Texas – Hill Country

Austin, Texas may be known as “The Live Music Capital of the World,” but it’s not just Willie Nelson and Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer who have called the Central Texas area their home. Celebrity actors like Matthew McConaughey and Sandra Bullock and business leaders like Michael Dell and Carly Fiorina own luxury homes in the Austin area.

If you’re searching for a luxury home in the Austin metro, Central Texas, or Hill Country area, we’ve created these pages for: $5 million homes, $6 million homes, $7 to $10 million homes, and homes over $10 million.

Austin is a dynamic and growing city filled with diverse cultural, economic, and political interests. Culturally, Austin is the home to a number of influential artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers, and cartoonists. Economically speaking, there are a large number of technology workers for companies like Dell, Apple, Facebook, 3M, Emerson,and more – earning the Austin metro are the nickname “Silicon Hills.” Politically, Austin is the capital of Texas, and an important voice in regional and national politics. Austin, Texas and the Hill Country are also graced by many beautiful

Austin, Round Rock, San Marcos, San Antonio, and other Central Texas cities have ranked high in national magazines, websites, and polls for the high quality of life, education, public safety, luxury lifestyle, and affordability.

What distinguishes million and multi-million dollar luxury homes in Austin and Central Texas is breathtaking views, privacy, high-end features, and use of numerous amenities. Many luxury homes in Austin have beautiful views of hills and cliffs, lakes, golf courses, wooded landscapes, or downtown buildings. They often have private gated entrances within already gated communities. There are a wide variety of Austin and San Antonio luxury home options to discover.

Betty Saenzis an expert in luxury real estate, especially horse properties, historic homes, green eco-friendly homes, and universal design, and ADA accessible homes. Representing homes at this level requires a highly-qualified real estate professional who knows how to market luxury properties. Let Betty Saenz be your expert guide.

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