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Building and Living Green in Central Texas

As an EcoBrker® or GREEN REALTOR® I have sold many types of green-built homes in varying shades of green. I have sold several Rainwater Homes that only use rainwater and do not have a well or any other water source. Sound extreme? Call, text or e-mail me and we can discuss. I have also sold homes that were all natural, made from Straw Bales with Earth Plaster. They usually have a Truth Window where you can see the inner straw bales once the home is finished. Another type of green built home I have sold is ICF or Insulated Concrete Forms. I have a lot listed with a slab on it ready for the SIP panel house plans for this Green Built home. Structural Insulated Panels are a great way to build green.

Interested in building your own home? I have architects and home builders and I also have resources for Be Your Own Contractor and Built Green Custom Homes.

This is a YouTube video of a Straw Bale Rainwater Home.

Here is a video on Rainwater Homes.

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