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Benefits of Buying A New Home

New Construction Allows Customization

In addition to new homes, Betty Saenz sells specialty properties like horse properties and historic homes. Her experience selling historic or vintage homes has taught her that many older homes, especially homes that were in the lower price ranges when built can be quite quirky. Not only could there be lead based paint in homes built in 1978 or before but also weird floor plans, super low ceilings some replete with popcorn. In a brand new home, you can walk through the model and know it is exactly the floor plan you want. 

If you are building a totally custom home the sky is the limit on customization. Even in the production builder new homes you have many options to choose from whether it be floor plan options or the finish out in paint colors, carpet or wood, etc. Yes, it is true, you can remodel an older home but that is more expensive since you have demolition costs as well as reconstruction costs never mind the dust and hassle of living in the home while remodeling is taking place.

New Homes Have the Upgrades and Amenities Owners Want Today

Today buyers want one piece countertops and not tile, whether it be milestone or granite. Features such as walk-in closets, nice sized pantries and plenty of cabinets help make your new home especially livable. Ceilings will be high enough to make the home seem even bigger than it is while still have todays energy efficiency standards. Community amenities in the neighborhood may include hike and bike trails, swimming pools, parks and more. Some neighborhoods like Leander Texas’s Cold Springs and Sarita Valley rely on having city of county trails or parks adjacent to them for part of their amenities.

New Homes are more Efficient Than Older Homes

The International Building Code is updated every few years resulting in better, more efficient building practices. Older homes, unless they have been retrofitted, will never be as energy efficient as a brand new home built to today’s standards. New home builders vary in the energy efficiency they accomplish in their product, some are Net Zero meaning you create more energy than you use, but this is only in custom green built homes and not production builder homes. 

New Homes Should Be LOW Maintenance For Many Years

Modern building materials are much lower maintenance than those of the past. For example, cementious fiberboard, one example being Hardie Board lasts almost indefinitely, is termite proof and seldom needs painting unlike real wood siding. Generally speaking, the lifecycle of a composition shingle roof is only 20 years, less if we have a bad hail storm. Ditto that for an air conditioning and heating (HVAC) system and water heater. When you buy a new home, all of those home components are new and under warranty. In addition the paint is new inside and out as well as the flooring. It should be many years down the road before you need to do any major overhauls so just plant a new shade or fruit tree or a garden or just add a sand box or playscape for your child.

New Homes Come With a Warranty

Most builders provide a 1 year “bumper to bumper” warranty and a 10 year warranty on the slab. When you buy a used or resale home, your home owners insurance policy covers certain things like the roof or if there is a fire but not everything. Even if you add a Residential Service Contract or Home Warranty not everything is covered like it is in a brand new home which falls under the home builders warranty.

FREE Helping Hand to Guide You

Contact Betty Saenz REALTOR® GRI SRES® EcoBroker® to guide you through the NEW home buying process. With over 18 years of experience as a licensed Texas REALTOR®, Betty can provide FREE guidance from selecting your home to protecting your interests as a NEW home buyer. Remember, the Builders’ Salesperson represents the builder NOT you! Why wouldn’t you reach out to a FREE helping hand to help you protect and watch out for your interests?

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