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Radiance – Austin TX

Radiance Austin TX

Radiance in Austin Texas is a 65 acre Transcendental Meditation concept village neighborhood that was established in 1984. Radiance is a small neighborhood located in the southwest area of Austin near Dripping Springs Texas about 20 miles from Downtown Austin TX which has 18 duplexes or townhomes as well as single family homes. Radiance has many firsts including being the home of the first LEED Platinum home in Austin Texas Tonalacalli or House of Sun and Water. Radiance is also the oldest as well as the first planned Transcendental Meditation intentional community in the United States. The LEED Platinum home in Radiance was featured on the 2012 Texas Hill Country Solar Home Tour I attended. There is a 70 foot wide, 4500 square foot meditation Dome in Radiance for meditation and community events; a community pool and Radiance community owned several acre greenbelt. There is a POA or Property Owners Association in Radiance. The Radience Foundation is a 501c3 Non Profit for education. The Radiance website is located on the web at Radiance TX dot org so look that up if you would like further information on the Radiance neighborhood concepts.

Radiance Austin TX REALTOR

Call Betty Saenz Radiance REALTOR at 512-785-5050 or e-mail Betty Saenz to see homes and land for sale in Radiance or to sell your home or land in the Radiance neighborhood. I love Radiance because of the original peaceful meditation concept. That in and of itself gives Radiance a peaceful, soothing feeling in my mind. Radiance is very natural having an abundance of native plant species and beautiful trees and wooded areas with a dedicated community owned greenbelt. I love neighborhoods like this that commit to preserving nature!

Radiance austin tx

Radiance Austin TX Schools

The Wizard Academy was founded in 2000 and is located in the Radiance neighborhood. The Wizard Academy is a non-traditional business school which has its own publishing company at Wizard Academy Press dot com and also has a Facebook page.


The Wizard Academy also has the Chapel Dulcinea 512-394-0226 at 16221 Crystal Hills Drive. The Chapel Dulcinea is perched on a hillside with a great view and is open seven days a week. Many people from various countries have taken advantage of the FREE weddings and other special events there. Look up Chapel Dulcinea up on the web at Chapel Dulcinea dot org

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