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Leander’s TOD

Leander’s TOD or Transit Oriented Development

Leander’s current population is just over 30,000 but is predicted to be at least 250,000 with some estimates as high as 350,000 at build out. Leander is becoming further linked to Austin via commuter light rail and bus mass transit. In the next 5 years Leander’s population is expected to double. The City of Leander has courageously planned for this growth, with the plan including a TOD or Transit Oriented Development. Gateway Planning Group was instrumental in this New Urbanist plan. A Market Study and resultant Charette Plan were done for the Capital Metro Rail Station area at Leander.

TODs are Sustainable Developments

The Leander TOD is a Mixed Use, New Urbanist development that will include retail, shops, services as well as housing all centered around the pedestrian. Austin’s Mueller is a similar development but Leander’s 2,300 acre TOD is much larger in geographic size. Designed with the pedestrian in mind, TODs are centered around people NOT vehicles. Vehicle traffic must move slow within the TOD. Residents living in the Leander TOD will be able to shop for groceries, get laundry and other services as well as eat and enjoy entertainment without getting in their car. In fact, not even owning a car is an option for residents since both commuter rail and Express bus service are available within the TOD.

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Leander Texas Capital Metro Commuter Rail Train Station in the TOD

Eventually, Highway 183 will be a boulevard in the area adjacent to the TOD instead of a rural highway as it is currently. See Leander Transit Village and Gateway Planning Group’s section on the Leander TOD for more information on this development. 

Leander Texas Commuter Light Rail into Austin, TX

The commuter rail Capital MetroRail was scheduled to start running earlier in 2009 but experienced delays. Monday, March 22, 2010 at 5:25am the first Capital Metro commuter train rolled away from the Leander, Texas rail station down the 32 mile track and other stations before reaching  Downtown Austin, Texas. Trains have been running ever since and now run into Austin Texas on Friday and Saturday nights so you don’t have to drive in to enjoy Austin’s nightlife.

Leander Texas Commuter Bus Service and new Toll Roads such as 183 A, 45 and 1 30 have helped with traffic congestion in the Austin Texas area. Commuter Rail helps with traffic as well!

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Leander Texas Capital Metro Express Bus at Leander TOD Park and Ride Winter Scene

The new 183A Toll Road has made getting to downtown Austin in only 30 minutes or less by car from Leander a reality. Currently the Leander Park and Ride has Express Bus Service into Austin operating from the TOD site. The new commuter rail line was planned to be officially opened on March 30th, 2009 but was been delayed. The Leander Station shares the new Park & Ride on 183, just past HEB Plus. The Capital Metro Park and Ride is on approximately 13 acres in the TOD. The Park and Ride was previously located in the Church of Christ parking lot on Crystal Falls Parkway but outgrew that lot years ago. 

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Leander TX Smart Code

Governed by the Leander Smart Code, the TOD District in Leander Texas is comprised of 2,300 acres. The geographic area includes “Old Town” west of old 183 and south of 2243 and extends northward to the South San Gabriel River. Pix Howell, AICP is Urban Design Officer for the TOD. The rest of Leander is governed by previous Leander Planner David Hutton’s award winning Composite Zoning Ordinance (2006 “Current Planning Award” from Texas Planning Association). 

TODs – The Wave of the Future

What’s really interesting is that Transit Oriented Development tends to increase property values 5-15% according to many studies. Because of this, Real Estate developers find TOD’s to be profitable investments as Transit Oriented Mixed Use Developments.

The first concept plan for new development in the TOD was approved by the Leander Planning and Zoning Commission at a special meeting and then by the Leander City Council both held on Thursday March 19th, 2009 at Leander’s Pat Bryson Hall. ACC (Austin Community College) bought land in the TOD to build a campus. 

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Annual Bus Rodeo 

The Capital Metro Bus Roadeo team practices & holds their Bus Roadeo at the Leander Park and Ride in the TOD since it is a large expanse of pavement with little use on the weekends. The public is always invited to come and see the skills of these highly trained bus drivers. There are activities for kids. Leander’s previous Mayor Cowman has participated as well. Come support these great drivers who keep bus riders safe. Bus Roadeos are a fun way for drivers to show off as well as further improve their bus driving skills. There are Texas as well as national competitions.

Leander Texas’s Urban and Planning Awards:

The Leander Smart Code and the Leander TOD were winners of the 2006 Envision Central Texas Public Planning and Policy Community Stewardship Award, 2006 Envision Central Texas Stewardship Award for Best Planning Effort and the 2007 Congress on New Urbanism Inaugural Driehaus Form -Based Codes Award. 

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