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Green Homes For Sale

GREEN Home Choices in Austin, Texas

My choice in a GREEN Home is a Net Zero home. This means a home that produces as much energy as it consumes thus making your energy use ZERO!!! I would be proud to help you get in a net zero or other green home in Austin. There are many choices. You pay a bit more up front for a green home but end up with lower utility bills and better construction than the average home so it pays in the long run. PLUS- you are doing the Right Thing!

Recycling in Austin, Texas

One service provider for commercial & residential recycling in Austin, Wimberley & Blanco is Bob McGivney’s Wandering River Recycling (512) 788-2525. 


GREEN Choices: Which Road do we take? 

Should we use hand dryers in public restooms or paper towels: When looking at costs to our Earth, which is better drying our hands with paper towels or the machines that pump out hot air?  Both have an impact on our environment, but when looking at the big picture, the dryer may have the least impact.  The longevity of these machines is great, and they could be especially green if using GREEN produced electricity.

When in your own home, using a cloth towel that can be washed is probably the best option.  Recycled or NEW Paper:  Using new paper cuts down new trees, using recycled paper may increase pollution to the Earth in its production.  Which do you prefer?

Compact Florescent Builbs or Incandesent: Some people feel the mercury issue and need to recycle makes these a bad choice, what do you think?

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