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Andice Texas

Andice texas general store

I love this old General Store in Andice Texas. It is like a small convenience store except for in an old building with well worn wood floors and a small restaurant. There is a great collection of old-fashioned bottled sodas in the refrigerated case like Sioux City Sarsaparilla, Henry Weinhard’s Vanilla Cream Soda, Frostie Concord Grape Soda and more. To get to Andice TX and the General Store from Highway 183 north of Liberty Hill, Texas, just look for the World’s Best Burgers sign on Highway 183 at Highway 970. Head east on Highway 970 and you are there. Andice Texas is located between Georgetown, Texas and Florence, Texas in Williamson County. From Georgetown Texas just take 2338 or Williams Drive as far as it can go. 2338 T’s into 970 at Andice. On 970 in Andice there is the Andice Baptist church as well as the Santa Rosa de Lima Catholic Church at 6571 FM 970. The Santa Rosa Church Cemetary is there as well.

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Andice Texas History

Andice Texas was first called Stapp, Texas and then Berry’s Creek before becoming Andice. Andice TX was established in 1857. The Williamson County Historical Commission website has some fabulous old historical photos of Andice as well as the history of Andice. I just love small historical Texas towns! Especially when some of the history has been preserved into our day!

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